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  TODDLERS ROOM Let's Play!  

We believe that play is the best way for children to learn. It opens many doors for your child to an unlimited variety of new and wonderful experiences.  

Our Toddler room is a very exciting place to be. An extremely welcoming play room with an arrangement of educational toys and play areas; it caters for children that are ready from 2 - 3 years of age, and is a hive of activity.  
Our emphasis in our toddler room is ‘Let’s Play’, we have 12 children in our Toddler Room and 3 team members, making sure each child is getting one to one attention. 
Our toddlers are encouraged to actively explore their environment and our teachers plan a variety of balanced activities each day to keep our toddlers engaged as well as opportunities to practice their own development of new skills. 
Our ‘just like home’ activities such as outdoor play, walks, singing and music continue to be an important part of their day.  
As well as ‘exciting’ we have our ‘quieter times’ with storytelling and nap times and lots of cuddles freely given when needed. 
As our toddlers are now beginning the transition from infant care to preschool care, ‘group’ meal times, and play - such as table top activities and nap times are a very important element allowing toddlers the opportunity to develop early peer relationships. 
At this stage in their development, toddlers are beginning to self-select some of their activities, and our teachers provide increased opportunities to make choices in routines to help foster greater independence. 
And of course ‘Potty Training’ all in a day’s work, as each toddler matures at different stages, we are delighted to be able to assist parents in this latest development and look at each toddler’s individual care and learning requirements and tailor each day's activities to their needs. 
Hollypark follows the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' and is delivered by experienced Early Years Professionals. 
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